About David

Picture of David Lees in action A Level 111 Cricket Coach, ECB Field Based Tutor & Assessor, has achieved the Level 3 Internal Verification In Sporting Practices Award.

I have my own training company which offers Conflict Resolution Training Workshops to Health Trust Local Authorities, also a Sportscoach UK tutor tutoring a variety of workshops, including Analysing your Coaching.

Spreading my sporting knowledge and experiences and challenging coaches to improve their delivery.

A long standing member of the MCC has toured New Zealand, USA, West Africa, Germany, Croatia, Spain and Gibraltar.

A keen swimmer my favourite gadgetsare my Nike fuel band and the Speedo aquabeat and my favourite App on my iphone is the Nike+GPS.

My philosophy: If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got. I try to improve my sessions by spending time self reflecting.

Sporting hero: Sir Ian Botham